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Getting a driver's license is one of life's milestones. If you're a student aged 15 or more and want to get your driver's license, you'll need to complete an BMV approved Indiana driver's education program which includes a thirty (30) hour classroom course - Now Available Online - AND 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a state approved driving school.

Link for Driver Education Students who want to register in online course

Now you can take your 30 hour classroom requirement here, on-line, in the comfort and privacy of your own home at the day and time of your choosing.

You will still need to take your behind-the-wheel lessons with a state approved driving school to get your Certificate of Driver Education (the CDE). To obtain your CDE you must sign-up with an Indiana state approved driving school. The BMV recognizes this course for use and acceptance by all Indiana approved driving schools.

Get it All For Only $99 (or less*)
  • Our course is available online 24/7—work on your schedule
  • The course is fun and interactive
  • Get unlimited practice permit tests included free while your account remains active—over 60 days to practice for your written test!
  • Review the course materials as often as you like
  • Your Certificate of Drivers Education (CDE) must be issued through your behind the wheel driving school. Speak to your driving school about using this online course and we will make sure they can access your transcript information at no additional cost.
(*) Some participating schools offer special pricing to their students that sign up for behind the wheel at the same time as the online course.
Indiana Driving Schools & High Schools
Offer your students what they want—low cost, high quality driver education at their convenience.
Find Out Why
Our web-based course was developed by veteran instructors for driving schools like yours to give your students the convenience they demand without sacrificing quality.

Bundled with your behind-the-wheel training, your school will be offering the optimal blend of convenience, price and educational excellence.

Sign up your driving school for a free, no-strings-attached demonstration account. You'll see why WelcomeDriver is the #1 Driver's Ed system on the web!

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