Online Driver Safety Program for Indiana

Indiana state approved driver safety program for BMV compliance requirements and point reduction!

Get 4 Point Off Your License

An Indiana Driver Safety Program ("DSP") is a BMV approved course that allows Indiana drivers to get a 4 point credit applied to their Indiana Official Driver Record.

This 4 point license credit is only applied to your driving record after successful completion of the DSP class, and the credit can only be applied once every 3 years.

WelcomeDriver is an Indiana BMV approved DSP provider and our course is a simple, effective way to earn these credits.

The WelcomeDriver DSP class also satisfies other BMV requirements to take an approved DSP course that you might have.

Get it done in only 4 hours for only $35

  • Our 4 Hour Course is available online 24/7—work on your schedule
  • The course can be taken online on computers, tablets and mobile devices
  • Certificates of Completion are reported daily to the DMV so that you can be assured that your completion will be reported within 24 hours.

DVD Option Alternative: Don't have good internet access? Don't despair, for a little extra money we have a DVD alternative. For more information and to order click here.

Requirements to Take Indiana Driver Safety Courses

  • Indiana state law provides that any person convicted of 2 or more traffic offenses within a 12 month period may be required to complete a BMV approved Driver Safety Program.
  • Individuals under 21 years of age are required to complete a DSP course if:
    • They are convicted of 2 or more traffic offenses
    • Involved in 2 or more traffic accidents
    • Or a combination of the 2 above scenarios occurs.
  • Once the BMV is notified of these convictions, a DSP course must be completed with 90 days or driving privileges will be suspended.
  • A court may also require an individual to complete a DSP course as an alternative to suspension of driving privileges.

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